Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Flame and Milicent got their powers by drinking a special potion.  Each territory in the Hidden World is for a different kind of magic.  Flame's territory is the desert.  Milicent's territory is the sea.  She can go under water without needing to breathe.  Jack's territory is like the Arctic and the houses are made of see-through ice.  There is a digging family that is in charge.  They dig into rock, metal or anything just by looking at it.  The rocks will slide down and fall to the ground.  Another way is if they touch it the rocks will disappear and cave it as they touch it.  There is an nature family that can make things grow out of nowhere.  They can also talk to animals.
The fairies names are:
Shrink, who can make herself smaller than anything.  Cutie, can make herself look like any girl animal.  Illusion, who can make a wall appear, but it really isn't there.  Star, who can make anything look dark.  Rainbow, can make a rainbow in your eyes or as a good luck charm.  Cloud, who can control the weather.  She can make it very misty.

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